Operation Anubis, Version 1.05a
Internal Alpha August 21st, 2003

Art Changes

Vehicle Models Added
- M24 Chafee
- M26 Pershing
- Sherman Firefly
- Centurion
- T44
- KV85
- Panther
- Tiger II
- Ho-Ni

Vehicle Textures Added
- PT Boat

Other Art Changes
- None

Vehicle Changes

Performance Changes

Bug Fixes

Level Changes

Design Changes
- Navel forces removed from Bornholm
- Axis starting base moved to Bornholm south beach
- Landscaping added to Palmyra Atol
- Landscaping added to Mactan
- Ground textures detailed in Bornholm
- Ground textures detailed in Palmyra Atoll
- Ground textures detailed in Mactan
- Several capture points restructured in Bornholm
- Several capture points restructured in Palmyra Atoll

Bug Fixes
- Object elevation issues fixed in Palmyra Atoll
- Object elevation issues fixed on Bornholm

Known Issues
- Numerous objects on Bornhom are not properly leveled
- Axis base hangar on uneven ground on Mactan
- Circular town walls misaligned in Bornholm