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Here is another ship that will be added to the line for Operation Anubis.

Dennis (WebMaster)

Its been awhile since we have published anything,so let me bring everyone up to speed. We have been working on the new naval fleets, fixing the lag issues, and getting the mod set up for the 1.50 patch. We are also currently working on a new mod called, "Seas of Venus". We will be posting some images from that mod soon. For now heres a picture of one the ships that was just finished for Operation Anubis. We apologize for the wait.

Dennis (WebMaster)

We will be updating Operation Anubis for the 1.5 patch, in our next release, which will be soon. In the meantime, install the mod before you patch to 1.5 as for now, it needs version 1.45 to install and run.
Dennis (WebMaster)

Operation Anubis has now launched! Go to the downloads link under Media.
Dennis (WebMaster)

As we approach release, we have created a teaser trailer for you to see how the game looks during play. Please go to the Media link and download to check it out.
Dennis (WebMaster)

To help promote our mod, we have created a banner for web sites to link to us with. Please feel free to use the banner on your sites. Click the image to get the full size.

Dennis (WebMaster)

We have found out that some people are having problems with the forums. We are looking in to this issue and trying to get it resolved as quickly as possible. We apologize for the delay and we hope you will bear with us.
Dennis (WebMaster)

MESSAGE BOARD IS UP!!!!! Go to Feedback and follow the link to the message board.
Dennis (WebMaster)

Sorry it has been a while since the last post. We have been extremely busy trying to get things ready for the release. So we bring you some more screen shots to help (or make worse) with the wait. These ones are of the E-Boat and PT Boat.
Dennis (WebMaster)

Some more model shots in the other Images section, five altogether, hope you like 'em.
Dennis (WebMaster)

I know you are all anticipating the launch of Operation Anubis. Believe me our entire team is eagerly awaiting the launch and hopefully a little break from the work we have been doing to get this done. At this point the mod is not up to the standard that we would like to deliver to the Battlefield community and will need to take some more time to assure that the mod is pretty and playable when everyone takes the time to download the first version of our mod. I also expect that once everyone starts playing I will get plenty of requests for gameplay tweaks to help further polish our mod. I would like to respond to those quickly and with my full attention. As it stands now we are trudging through many fine details and known issues would hinder my efforts to provide such support if we were to release the mod at this time. Please be patient with us and enjoy some new screens of the Puma under construction.

The Puma is our answer to the light tank for the Germans. The Puma, however, is not so much a light tank as it is a heavy jeep. This hybrid of speed, armor and firepower should raise a few pulses.
John Mead (Programming Team Lead)

Here is a couple screen shots to view til' we can iron some issues out, that we are having with the mod itself. We all apologize for the delay and we are trying to get it done as quickly as possible.
Dennis (WebMaster)

Added a couple more models to the other images section of the site. We will be adding more in the next couple days and if all goes well, the installation itself. Hope you all are excited for it as we are.
Dennis (WebMaster)

We would like to take a moment to remember the souls who were lost on this day two years ago. Our thoughts are with the families who lost their loved ones.
Dennis (WebMaster)

Hey there. Due to technical difficulties, we havenít been able to bring you any nice, shiny new screen shots this weekend, but we just wanted to drop a note here and let you know that, other than our ability to get new pictures to you, everything is going great with the project. Our issues should be resolved in short order, and with any kind of luck, we should be able to get back in the business of showing you what's new starting tomorrow evening. Thanks for stopping by, and we'll see you tomorrow.
Dashiel (DesignManager)

Hello again, ladies and gentlemen. Today, we bring to you, fresh from the hands of our lead programmer, who is currently in the process of implementing and adjusting our tanks, the first ever tank screenshots here on Operation Anubis. Featured is the British Centurion heavy tank, seen here temporarily displayed in an existing game level, since none of our first four levels feature the British and their armor.

As part of our design, we've implemented a wider range of tank classes into Operation Anubis, with light, medium, and heavy tanks each having their unique advantages. Light tanks are fast, but lightly armored, and carry smaller caliber, and thus less damaging weapons. Medium tanks are modeled after the typical style of tank seen in the basic BattleField game - middle of the road speed, armor, and firepower, complemented, like the light tanks, with a second position machine gun. And last but not least, our heavy tanks, a step above anything else, even the existing so-called heavy tanks, with exceptional armor, and massively destructive cannons.
Dashiel (DesignManager)

Well folks, we missed our update for yesterday due to pneumonic failure (Read: we forgot) but my oh my have we got some good stuff today to make it up to you. Not only have we put up two screens of each of two more of our plains that appear in our Mactan Island map - the Japanese Kikka fighter, and the American P80 Shooting Star fighter, both of which pack a mean set of cannon, plus a small supply of rockets for taking out light ground targets, or even bombers - but our senior texture artist has delivered into my hot little hands a selection of images that show off the game's environment mapping applied to our aircraft. In other words: They're SHINY!

Taken on both the Mactan Island and Bornholm maps, these images feature the TBF Avenger, a versatile and powerful American fighter bomber, the MiG-9 Fargo, the fast and well armed Russian counterpart to the German Me109 fighter, the XB35 Flying wing, which we showed to you before, but can now be seen in all its shiny glory, and the Tu-4 Bull heavy bomber, which the Russians based on the American B29, right down to a patched bullet hole on the original they were copying.
Dashiel (DesignManager)

Today, we bring you an assortment of things. First off, I've added three screenshots of the German ME109-TL, the jet powered re-design of the famous German warplane. This fighter bomber features exceptional acceleration and maneuverability providing it with the ability to deliver it's payload with extreme precision. These screenshots were taken in one of our new maps, Bornholm, an island where Russian and German forces clash. Though the allies have a massive air advantage here, Germany is strongly positioned on the island itself.

Also, we am pleased to announce that Operation Anubis has been featured on two well known BattleField 1942 Mod sites. Both BFNation and BF1942 Files have been good enough to help us announce this project. Have a look, and comment if you care to.
Dashiel (DesignManager)

we just added six new screenshots to the screenshots section. These were taken on one of our new maps, Mactan Island, which is in the Philippines, and which is currently undergoing its final tweaking and balancing stage. While the new shots don't show very much of the level itself, astute viewers may note the enhancements made to the atmosphere of the level as compared to previous shots.

The real focus of these shots however are three of our new vehicles. The first two shots feature the Japanese Ki94, a fighter-bomber sporting two counter-rotating props, one in front, and one in back, between its twin tails. It's armed with fairly average guns, and as well as bombs, which drop four to a rack in quick succession. The third and fourth screen shots show another Japanese aircraft, the Fugaku heavy bomber. With six powerful engines, a large wingspan, and packing the usual complement of bombs and turrets, this big bomber flies like a dream, allowing you to easily bring her armaments to bare. Finally, one of my personal favorites, the American XB35 Flying Wing, a new and improved take on the heavy bomber. Though her engines don't offer the acceleration of the Fugaku, the XB35's glider like design is airworthy at velocities that would send other bombers crashing to earth, allowing her to deliver her payload with exceptional saturation.
Dashiel (DesignManager)

Here we go! The official announcements are now going out to interested sites around the web and we expect a public version in the next one to two weeks. We're currently engaged in some serious internal testing, and things are shaping up great.

For newcomers to the site, have a look around, and keep an eye open for more new images and screenshots in the immediate future. If you have comments, drop them into my email, and tell your friends. For that matter, we obviously don't know every battlefield moding site out there on the web, so if you frequent any, and don't see anything about us there, drop us an email with their address so we can get 'em in the loop.
Dashiel (DesignManager)

More content is being added to the web page, as we get ready to announce the mod to the public, and at the same time, we're in the process of rounding out some of the little interface features and other details of the mod, as well as working the final technical kinks out of things, and getting all the core stuff squared away. Vehicles, maps, it's all coming together nicely.

If you've found this page, feel lucky - it hasn't been publicly announced yet at all - and realize that we are still sanding down all the rough edges, and filling in the gaps here, so don't be surprised if sometimes, there's nothing there. If you're interested in the mod, check back often. We'll be making announcements in a few days, and putting up the first public version for folks to play with in a week or so.
Dashiel (DesignManager)

More Alpha testing, everything is starting to come together and is looking great, some more bugs found to be worked on, getting closer to release time. Added some more models to the other images section, check them out.
Dennis (WebMaster)

Alpha tested today, we got all the tanks in despite the treads causing problems, the PT boats and E-boats, and a few planes are in as well. 4 new maps working.
Dennis (WebMaster)

The site took a little longer than expected to be put up, so we are extremely close to launching the Beta version after in-house alpha testing. Stay Tuned!!!
Dennis (WebMaster)